Adventure Where You Are : a collection of photos, stories, guides, and lessons learned from two intrepid friends and adventurers seeking a life well spent in the great outdoors.

We are based in two different states and our name encapsulates what we believe to be true for all adventure-seekers - namely, that you can make it happen anywhere.



I will strive for adventure, no matter my age, background, or geographic location.

I recognize that life begins just outside of my comfort zone.

I admit that I’ve let excuses (money, time, fear) stand in my way of adventure in the past.

I will proudly and unabashedly toss those excuses over the nearest cliff.

And walk freely into the unknown.




We’re two friends who’ve had the luck and good fortune to explore, road trip, camp, and hike together in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, California, Baja, Mexico, and the Czech Republic. Now we’re facing the post-college haze of job hunting and figuring out what the heck we're supposed to be doing with our lives, when all we really want to be doing is planning our next overly-ambitious road trip and weighing the pros and cons of various backcountry pooping tactics.  


Outdoor advocate, environmentalist, gear junkie, and aspiring adventure photographer and writer.

I am originally from a sunny, southern California small town called Fallbrook, where we pride ourselves on being the pseudo “avocado capitol of the world”. Surrounded by arid deserts, beautiful beaches, and stunning mountain ranges, my love for the extremist side of nature began. This passion for understanding the world and life around us eventually spurred my interest in pursuing a BA in Geography and minor in Sustainability from the University of Denver. Whether it's hiking a backcountry line, summiting a 14er, or embarking on a desert backpacking trip, I love encouraging people to embrace adventure and overcome their own personal fears. 

I currently reside in the Mile High City, Denver, Colorado. Check out my media channels to see what I've been up to lately & let's grab a beer and share some campfire stories.

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Environmentalist, wilderness enthusiast, and green thumb.

After graduating with my BA in International Studies and Geography from the University of Denver, I spent six months as an intern with The Land Institute, immersing myself in some pretty big ideas on how to improve the way we grow our food. I'm passionate about advocating for and writing about environmental issues, outdoor adventure, and sustainable communities and development. When I'm not doing that, I'm dreaming up new backpacking routes, training for my first 50k, or traipsing around outside looking for birds.

Currently based in Lawrence, Kansas and determined to explore every nook and cranny of outdoor excellence this state has to offer.