Just some morning thoughts.

Have you ever just wanted to lie in bed, drink tea, and just ‘be’ all day? That was me this morning.

I woke up, took a shower, brushed my teeth, you know, the normal morning routine. I walked into the kitchen, poured myself some herbal tea and then walked passed the lengthy ‘to-do’ list on my yellow legal pad blatantly sitting on my desk, and plopped myself right back into bed. Yep, still in my towel.

I went through my social media accounts, some emails from Heather, and took a sip of my tea. There, staring up at me on the tea string tag, was your morning ‘yogi tea’ inspiration for the day. It read, “your greatest strength is love”. I just thought, ‘hm, okay, moving on’, but then it really started to hit me. There is so much strength in the people, places, and the things that you love.


I have love for my family and friends. I strengthen those relationships by keeping in contact with them as much as possible. They live all across the US, but it means so much to me to feel close to them all of the time.

I have love for photography because it allows me to get out, seek, and create something that has meaning to me and eventually, maybe to someone else.

I have love for education and learning new things. Whether that’s just reading a new book, a news story, or finally learning a new language.

I have love for myself, and show it by working hard to stay physically healthy, as well as mentally fit with positivity and understanding.


And I have love for the outdoors.

Because everything that I have just listed above, the most important things in my life, are all strengthened by my love for the outdoors. My appreciation for getting outside helps me do amazing and epic things with my family and friends. When I’m outside I get to photograph incredible adventures and have a way to remember them forever. I learn something new every single time I am outside, whether it’s learning that the Douglas Fir prefers the north facing slopes and the Ponderosa Pine prefers the south, because of the amount of sun each see in a day or that I mentally learn that I really can make it all the way to the top of that 14er. I may feel like I’m going to die, but I learn how to mentally get passed it. Being outside pushes you to make decisions for yourself. It allows me to achieve the goals I have set forth, and when I finally do, I love myself even more.

To me, ‘your greatest strength is love’ means that in order to keep what I love around, I have to fight for it. I have to take action, allow my voice to be heard, and do what I can to protect it. I have to use what strengths I have in order to save what so many people have spent their entire lives admiring and defending. So here is my voice. Even if just one person reads this and feels inspired, I’m happy. Use your personal strengths to fight for what matters to you. If that is the outdoors too, then make your voice heard.

Oh, and don’t worry, these thoughts definitely got me right back out of bed, dressed, and onto preparing for the fight.